Health And Safety In Peru And The Amazon

To ensure you stay healthy throughout your Aqua Expeditions cruise on the Amazon, we recommend consulting your physician regarding travel health and preventative measures. Travelers to the Amazon Basin are advised to take both anti-malaria medication and yellow fever shots, and if you plan to extend your journey to Cusco and Machu Picchu, you should also ask your doctor about medication for altitude sickness.


Please also take note of our latest updates regarding the Zika virus in Peru and CDC prevention tips.

When you board the Aria Amazon, you will receive a complimentary Aqua Expeditions water bottle, which is yours to keep. Water refill stations are available throughout the vessel. We have a paramedic on board at all times and our crew is trained in first aid. Each ship is equipped with a satellite phone for emergency access should that be necessary.


Aqua Expeditions supplies life vests for all passengers on board the Aria Amazon. When you first arrive onboard, the crew will conduct a mandatory safety drill. This is very important for your safety aboard our ship. Life vests are required to be worn while on board the skiffs.


In general, Peru is well known for its warm, hospitable people. However, when traveling in larger cities, please be cautious about pickpockets and street crime, as you would be anywhere in the world. Keep your belongings close (don’t keep valuables in a backpack) and avoid wearing flashy or expensive jewelry. While onboard, all cabins include a safe deposit box for your use.