Safety and Security on board with Aqua Expeditions in the Amazon

Guest safety is of paramount importance to Aqua Expeditions. Since our early years on the Amazon River, we have taken extraordinary measures to protect our passengers on each and every trip of the Aria Amazon. These strategic initiatives as outlined below and our uncompromising commitment to safety and compliance are further augmented by local and national authorities, leading to positive results:


• Following a signed cooperation agreement with the local police in 2013, Aqua Expeditions has always maintained a force of five armed police officers plain clothes onboard the Aria Amazon at all times. They serve on duty 24/7 in alternating shifts as part of our permanent staff.

• At our encouragement, Peru’s Ministry of Tourism financed several Tourist Police boats which now patrol the entire area where we navigate on a daily basis.

• The Coast Guard, whose responsibility it is to monitor the rivers we navigate, has increased its presence on these rivers as well.

• Inside the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, the Harbor Master is implementing a new outpost in the tourist corridor with additional speed rescue boats and additional checkpoints inside the Reserve.


ARIA AMAZON is the only vessel on the Amazon River to successfully implement the International Safety Management System Code (ISM Code) that promotes safety and reduces the risk of incidents. While cruising on ARIA AMAZON, the guests are not only satisfied with the best quality services, but also the safety measurements provided:


• We have a video surveillance system (covering the port, starboard and stern gate) which allows us to record all activity on the boat on a 24-hour basis. This feed is monitored and recorded in the Navigation Bridge.

• We have portable satellite phones on the ship and excursion boats.

• The vessel is equipped with a proximity radar and GPS system as a navigation aid and security.

• An onboard emergency button is set to alert both the Harbor Master and Aqua Expeditions’ office in Iquitos in the event of an emergency.

• We follow a Medical Emergency Protocol at all times during boat navigation.

• Smoke detectors are located in every cabin and public areas. Fire extinguishers are also located throughout the vessel.

• The Aria Amazon is equipped with two types of life jackets: Emergency & Excursions for all passengers and crew.

• The passenger introduction to the vessel, which takes place before every departure, includes a comprehensive safety briefing and drill covering vessel orientation with muster station indication, a life jacket demonstration, and demonstration of the alarm system trigger.

• A full-time paramedic and first aid trained crew are on board every departure to address any medical needs.

• Active engagement of management in crew safety training.


We continue our on-going commitment to passengers and crew safety and our compliance with the highest standards and waterway regulations.