A Mekong River Boat Steeped In Sophistication: Book Yours For An Unforgettable Experience

Aqua Expeditions’ cruise is unlike any travel tour you’ve ever experienced. Join us on the Aqua Mekong river boat as we see Cambodia, Vietnam and the historic Mekong River in a completely unique way. As soon as you step on board the luxury river boat, you will see why our guests return time after time. Be blown away by our exceptional customer service, award-winning interior design and sophisticated dining experience.

Whether this is your first time to Southeast Asia or you have fallen in love with the region and are back for more, The Aqua Mekong welcomes a more sophisticated and enjoyable way to travel.

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Why Cruise The Mekong River?

Southeast Asia is home to thousands of years of rich history and ever-evolving culture. There are just as many historic battles won and lost as there are jaw-dropping religious structures. The Mekong River, spanning over 4,350 kilometers throughout Southeast Asia, has had a front-row view of much of this history.

The Mekong River is a key player in the geographical complexity of the lands and cultures of Cambodia and Vietnam. The overflowing waters of the river fuel the harvest for nearly half of Vietnam’s yield of rice while the fish that call the river home is a main source of protein for Cambodia.

As you float down the Mekong, you will get a firsthand look at the people that call this area home. From the water, you will get a unique view of Buddhist temples and other religious complexes. If that’s not all, you will be as close as possible to the stilted homes and fishing villages along the Mekong itself.

The Mekong River is a river unlike any other; experience it up close and personal when you choose to cruise on the Aqua Mekong with Aqua Expeditions.



What Makes Our Cabins Award-Winning

The Aqua Mekong suites are designed to be completely unique to other cruise cabins you may be familiar with. We have done away with small windows (or no windows) and added floor-to-ceiling glass windows that invite you to connect with the river and the land from the comfort of your bed. Each suite is large enough to ensure your comfort without sacrificing the charm.

Rich woods and modern design with an authentic Asian flare make each room welcoming and relaxing. Your cabin will become your air-conditioned haven after a day of exploring under the heat of the Southeast Asian sun. Enjoy eco-sensitive technology in each bathroom along with dual sinks and a walk-in shower with rainforest shower head to make you feel right at home.

Only the finest materials are used for all of our linens and our bathrooms are fully stocked with professional quality, natural bath amenities. The contemporary element to the suites, mirrored with the panoramic view of the Mekong floating by, make our cabins unlike anything you’ve seen before.



But It Doesn’t Stop There

Along with the rooms, the design of the entire ship is spectacularly curated just for the Aqua Mekong.

The lounges are spacious yet comfortable and expertly designed with our guests in mind. There is ample space for all of our guests to relax and spend their time out of their suite as they choose. To preserve the comfort and look of our decks, we take your shoes once you return from land, returning them to your room only once they have been properly cleaned. It ensures mud, sand and other dirt from shore stays off of the common spaces and out of your suites.

We are proud to boast the first upper-deck infinity plunge pool on a cruise ship of this kind. The pool is ideally positioned to allow you to unwind while you watch the river and land float by.

Our dining areas are just as picturesque as the suites, with similar panoramic windows that let you feast your eyes while you enjoy Michelin-quality meals.

Just how refined is design and decor of the Mekong luxury cruise ship?

When the boat was launched in 2015, the luxury ship won Asia’s 2015 Hotel Design Award. This esteemed award proves just how beautifully designed each corner of the Aqua Mekong really is.


Temple Visits in Cambodia and Vietnam on the Aqua Mekong


Mekong River Boat Cruise Sophisticated Dining

If you have been on a cruise via another company, you may have complaints about the quality of the food. We heard these complaints and sought out a better solution for the Mekong river boat cruise. We combined a Michelin-star chef menu with local and fresh ingredients to bring you breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you will look forward to.

Each cruise will take your taste buds on a journey unlike anything ever experienced, on or off-shore. Consulting Chef David Thompson designs dishes especially for each trip down the Mekong River. Rejoice in new flavors that will leave memories that last long after you disembark.

Enjoy a private date-night meal or a family-style meal with friends in our beautifully designed dining spaces.



That Must Be It!

As if that wasn’t enough, Aqua Mekong and all of the Aqua Expeditions trips take conscious travel seriously. Whenever possible, we use sustainable and local materials which draw inspiration from the very Southeast Asian architecture we come in contact with on our cruises.

We want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and fully immersed in the impactful culture of Cambodia and Vietnam. As a result, we have a strict 1 guest to 1 staff member ratio; this ensures that we can give you the attention you need every day. From remembering your dietary preferences to your name, you will not get a more dedicated and personal onboard crew than ever before.

Finally, our Aqua Mekong cruises are customizable to your specific needs and desires. Want to spend more time exploring the untouched lands of Cambodia? We have purely Cambodian cruises with 3 or 4 nights in Phnom Penh. Want to get the most of your time in Asia? Perhaps an expertly guided 7-night cruise in both Vietnam and Cambodia is more suited for you. Choose your preferred cruise package today for the most personalized trip on board with us.

We can’t wait to have you on board the Mekong River boat that will change the way you view cruises forever. With the finest quality materials and linens on board, a crew dedicated to personalizing your Aqua Mekong trip and a gastronomical selection that shows our dedication to providing a luxury experience, you can never go wrong.


Select your suite and start planning the trip of a lifetime floating down the Mekong River.


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