River Cruises 2019: Journey the Mekong and Amazon Rivers in Comfort

Start looking forward to 2019 by planning your once-in-a-lifetime river cruise experience for you and your entire family. Brought to you by the river cruise line that is turning heads across the world, Aqua Expeditions is your most idyllic vacation yet. Cruise in the ultimate luxury, relax in comfort and be spellbound by what floats by you as you immerse yourself in a cruise experience that goes beyond all other river cruise journeys. The best of river cruises 2019 can be found onboard the Aqua Expeditions ships. Join us today.

Luxury Cruises 2019

What do you look for this year from luxury cruises 2019?

If you’re like many of today’s travelers, you’re looking for a cruise that offers adventure and introduces exotic experiences, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort and style. Look to Aqua Expeditions to offer that and more for your cruise experience in 2019.

Aqua Expeditions cruises are unique in more ways than one. Whether you are traveling the rugged Amazon River, teeming with wildlife and flora, or floating the rich-in-culture Mekong River, you will never forget what you see, hear and absorb along your way.

Aqua river cruises take you beyond the cruise ship, thick into the world that each of these mighty rivers is so well-known for:

Board a small boat with an intimate group to wind your way through the river paths less traveled. From this perspective, you will see up-close and personal the people, wildlife and vegetation that populate the shores of these historic rivers. Get a unique and personalized view of what gives these rivers life. In the Amazon in particular, there is so much to see via small boats with expert naturalists guiding your excursion.

For a quieter and even closer perspective along your route, enjoy complementary bikes or kayaks to really settle into the calm of the river. Glide almost silently along the banks of the river via kayak and watch closely as cultures that depend on the mighty waters embrace everything they generously offer. Or travel by bike and peddle your way through vistas flanked by epic mountains and narrow jungle paths with thick vines hanging overhead.

All Aqua Expeditions excursions are led by trained naturalists who know the waters and lands well. No matter what time of year you travel, you will be taken down the best path and always see amazing views.

Not to be outdone by the adventure, enjoy 5-star comfort onboard

Without sacrificing any of the adventure, your experience onboard will never disappoint. Aqua Expeditions boasts the best quality and comfort of any river cruise trip, offering 5-star cuisine and luscious California king-sized beds in every room.

What else to expect from your room:

– Enjoy panoramic views from floor-to-ceiling windows so you never miss a second of the jaw-dropping vistas, even from bed.
– In a bathroom you’ll never believe is on a ship, unwind in a hot, walk-in shower from a rain shower head or prepare for the day with less stress at his-and-hers sinks. Eco-sensitive technology on some of the ships means you won’t feel guilty about pampering yourself or spending that extra minute in the shower.
– High-speed internet is available on the Mekong River cruises, allowing you to choose when you want to connect with the rest of the world, and when you want to turn off and enjoy the views.
– All rooms are curated specifically depending on their location. Enjoy Peruvian design and 100% Peruvian cotton thread count sheets on the Amazon River trip and design that echoes the characteristic Southeast Asian décor in the Mekong River boat rooms.

What to expect from the ships:

– Observation decks are plentiful and offer both intimate corners for privacy and space to socialize with other guests.
– The design of the onboard dining rooms skillfully echoes the ideals and culture of the country you’re visiting and allows for sweeping views of the river and surrounding landscape. Never miss a second of your adventure, even while enjoying a meal.
– Depending on your ship of choice, you can also enjoy workout facilities, an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi access, a library/game room or a private screening room.
– Spa services ensure you feel 100% every day.

What to expect from your meals:

Aqua Expeditions culinary experience is just that, an experience in itself. Forgo all former preconceived ideas that you have of cruise cuisine and enter into one of the highlights of your trip.

– On the Aqua Mekong trip, experience 5-star Southeast Asian dining brought to you by consulting Michelin-star chef David Thompson. Dishes that invite you to experience the tastes of the Mekong, such as prawns and catfish, are combined with flavors typical to Southeast Asia like ginger, shallots, lemongrass and coconut.
– On the Aria Amazon ship, explore dishes designed with the Amazon in mind. Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino brings you stunningly defined meals, such as jungle-influenced Amazon bass, hearts of palm soufflé or banana tart. Of course, no Peruvian meal is complete without the accompaniment of a steaming cup of Peruvian coffee.

Each meal on either of the Aqua Expeditions ship is different than the last. Bringing you fresh ingredients straight from the very waters you float down and flavors that connect you even further to the cultures you find yourself amongst, it will tie together your experience that much more concretely.

Looking for fun and indulgence? Aqua Expeditions River Cruises 2019 is the trip to beat

Aqua Expeditions will both excite and enchant. You will feel both in awe and at ease. Spend a day doing nothing but observing and relaxing, or spend it cramming as much adventure as you can into the daylight hours. Cruise with your partner, your whole family or a group of friends. In short, there is something for everyone on an Aqua Expeditions cruise trip.

Customize your package for the time of year, route you want to take and sights you want to see without worrying you will miss out on anything vital; each trip is different but equally memorable. Join Aqua on any of the rivers cruises 2019 or hop onboard even sooner!