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As Aqua guests, you’ll be eligible for our loyalty membership when you book your next sailing with us. This comes with exclusive benefits including reduced rates for both individual trips and private charters. Here’s a look at the other incredible destinations which we sail around the world.


River Cruises


Cambodia and Vietnam: Mekong River
Aqua Mekong
Immerse yourself in history and culture as you discover the rich heritage and traditions of the Mekong river and its storied past. Board the stylish Aqua Mekong and navigate the picturesque lower river basin with our expert local guides in groups no larger than 10. The life-giving waters of Southeast Asia’s longest river await you on the Aqua Mekong.


Ocean & Island Cruises


Indonesia: Komodo, Raja Ampat, and Spice Islands
Aqua Blu
With over 18,000 tropical islands straddling two mighty oceans, Indonesia is one of the best locations to voyage by expedition vessel. Aqua Blu sails across the pristine seas of East Indonesia, striking an impeccable symmetry between luxurious travel, historical adventure and untouched culture.


Galapagos Islands
Aqua Blu
Reward yourself with an adventure of a lifetime expedition to islands born of fire, the Archipelago of Galapagos. Witness one of history’s greatest scientific discoveries by experiencing the extraordinary power of nature to adapt to its environment: evolution.