WiFi Terms and Conditions


Aqua Expeditions offers WiFi access for guests onboard all of its vessels. This service is available upon signing in via a laptop or mobile device. By doing so, guests agree to the following terms & conditions of use:


Use of the Service

  • Guests agree not to use this service for any unlawful purpose. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the access, transmission, and storage of material which is considered illegal by international authorities. 
  • Aqua Expeditions may not be held responsible for the accuracy or contents of any information obtained while using this service. Guests agree to use this service at their own risk.
  • Aqua Expeditions reserves the right to remove, block, or restrict any material that may violate the stated Terms & Conditions.


Operational Limits of the Service

  • While Aqua Expeditions aims to provide the best possible service, the company shall not be held responsible for inconsistent availability of this service, nor the speed of data transfer. Connections may be intermittent depending on the location of the ship and other prevailing conditions.
  • Aqua Expeditions bears no responsibility for any losses or interruptions suffered as a result of a break in connection.
  • Aqua Expeditions does not guarantee access to any specific applications or software, particularly those involving high bandwidth use.  


Information & Password Security

  • Guests are solely responsible for any personal information shared with third parties over the internet. Aqua Expeditions cannot be held liable for the loss of any data shared in online transactions.
  • When logging in with a voucher code, guests are required to keep their login details confidential. Guests bear responsibility for any damages resulting from a failure to maintain this confidentiality.
  • Guests agree to disclose any suspected breaches of security – such as unauthorized use of login details – to Aqua Expeditions immediately.


Privacy Notice

  • Aqua Expeditions will use the personal information provided during the login phase for the following purposes:
    • To allow access to the WiFi for the duration of the voyage
    • To identify and respond to improper use of the service
    • To provide support on the proper use of the service, as and when requested
  • Personal information may also be used for marketing and advertising purposes in the future. Guests may opt out of this by contacting Aqua Expeditions.  
  • Aqua Expeditions is committed to protecting the privacy of personal data shared and will store the information securely. Guest data will never be sold or shared with third parties.