A Challenge to All Aspiring Amazon Wildlife Experts!

We can officially say that what started as an exceptional season for wildlife spotting has certainly continued in the same way. Highlights have included a large number of Ringed Kingfishers, Black-collared Hawks, Scarlet and Blue and Yellow Macaws. A Crimson-crested Woodpecker, Lettered Aracari, several Yellow-billed Terns and a Giant River Otter have also made appearances within the past few weeks.

The high number of bird species spotted is in part due to good fortune, but also because we had the pleasure of welcoming two ornithologists on board who really decided to make the most of their cruise.

Their early morning outings and keen eyes were rewarded by identifying a total of 172 species during their seven day cruise! This really is an exceptional number and goes some way towards reflecting the variety and diversity constantly present along the Peruvian Amazon.

We challenge you to grab your wildlife checklist, join us aboard and beat their total!