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Aqua Expeditions is setting the bar high for cruise experiences. We are luxury cruise travel done differently, done better. From our world-class interiors to our hand-picked team of staff, we want to change your idea of a cruise into something much more unique. Join us for a Cambodia cruise today and see just how special cruising with us is.

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Luxury River Cruise, Aqua Mekong - Aqua Expeditions


Why Cruise The Mekong River?


When you think of a luxury cruise, you may not think of Cambodia and Vietnam as popular cruise destinations. Aqua Expeditions is going to change that by showing you just how enriching cruising on the Mekong River can truly be.


The Mekong River is an over 4,000 kilometer river running through much of Southeast Asia. It is the longest river in Southeast Asia that runs through parts of Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Our Aqua Mekong cruises on the historic and colorful Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam. During the high-water season, we travel up to Tonle Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. ­­


Temple Visits and Monk Blessings - Aqua Expeditions


The Mekong River has seen over two-thousand years of human history through hundreds of cultures. The shifting tides of the Mekong are said to have influenced the movements and success of ancient civilizations from Cambodia, Vietnam and China.


Today, roughly 60 million people live and work along the river. Much of Cambodia’s fish comes from the waters of the Mekong and its overflowing tides feed fertile lands that grow a majority of Vietnam’s rice. Vietnamese culture explodes from the river, housing transportation routes and floating markets that are vital to Vietnam’s economic success.


Floating Village in Cambodia - Aqua Mekong


Cruise Cambodia To Vietnam In Style


The Mekong River is both historic and modern, calm and bustling. The civilizations that exist along this river make it one of the most exciting in the world.


Because the Mekong River flows a long distance from Cambodia to Vietnam, it makes it the perfect destination for an Aqua Expeditions luxury cruise. Cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam and see all of the beautiful geography and vegetation, along the way not to mention the villages and people that populate the river banks.


Choosing to cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam is the most in depth and efficient way to immerse yourself into these rich Southeast Asian countries. Visiting via cruise allows you to see a huge part of both of these countries while experiencing a part of the river that tourists generally do not get access to.


Experience Cambodia and / or Vietnam on-board with us or spend the day off the boat getting a first-hand look during an excursion of your choice. Twice daily excursions off the boat include biking, kayaking or historical sites; think of these off-the boat excursions as “9 to 5 soft adventures†with which you can customize your cruise experience.


With these Cambodia and Vietnam cruise itineraries, take in as much of Vietnam and Cambodia, as you ever will.


o   Expedition Cruise – 7 Nights

o   Explorer Cruise – 4 Nights

o   Discover Cruise – 3 Nights


Cambodia in particular is one country that has managed to stay relatively untouched by tourism, especially along the river where Aqua Mekong takes you. Enjoy pristine landscapes and off-the-beaten path locations such as Kampong Chang, Kampong Tralach, Koh Oknha Tey and Preah Prosop. For those that wish to enjoy a unique and authentic Cambodian experience, take one of the Aqua Mekong’s purely Cambodian itineraries.


o   3 Nights – Phnom Penh

o   4 Nights – Phnom Penh


River Excursions in the Mekong Delta in Cambodia - Aqua Expeditions


Cruise from Vietnam To Cambodia In Luxury


When you cruise from Vietnam to Cambodia with Aqua Expeditions, you see things differently.

Hands-On Staff

At Aqua Expeditions, we make it a point to be hands-on with our guests, introducing you to each of the intricacies of the culture, food and land that we come across along the way. Our on-board staff knows these rivers well and navigates the best path for you depending on the season and the requests of previous guests.


Luxury River Cruise Suites on the Mekong - Aqua Expeditions


This is one of the keys to the Aqua Expeditions difference, acknowledging the requests of guests to make each and every cruise better than the last. We are constantly getting your feedback and adjusting our onboard and onshore experiences to suit new desires and interests.



How do we accomplish this so well?

Our 1:1 guest-to-staff ratio means we can always gather your feedback and accommodate or anticipate your needs as they come up. Personalized service goes as far as addressing you by name and remembering your previous day’s food preferences. No other travel or cruise company can devote that much-dedicated attention to each and every guest.


After an excursion under the heat of the Southeast Asian sun, being greeted with a delicious drink, a cool towel and an air-conditioned boat is one of the best parts of cruising with Aqua Mekong. These seemingly small acts help us define the true meaning of comfort and attention to detail for all of our guests.


Sleek Interiors

While luxury means something different for everyone, impeccable interior design and high-quality materials are a factor of luxury that cannot be disputed.


Each and every corner of our ships are designed with exclusivity and comfort in mind. We place particular emphasis on superior architectural planning and the best engineering on the river, in addition to top-of-the-line decor. In 2015, the Aqua Mekong won Asia’s Hotel Design Award for new build.


We want our guests to experience the river as comfortably as possible. With elegant fixtures and rich furniture, it’s impossible not to sink into the comforts of the ship and enjoy your experience fully.


Luxury Lounge on the Aqua Mekong - Aqua Expeditions


Elegant Outdoor Spaces

From the spacious outdoor deck that introduces elements of Southeast Asian style to the elegance of our infinity pool on board our Aqua Mekong river boats, you are sure to enjoy your ride, in and out of your suite!


Pool on the Luxury Cruise, the Aqua Mekong - Aqua Expeditions


One of the major complaints we hear from larger cruise ships is that communal areas lack character and a relaxed feel. We seek to change this and create communal areas that are just as comfortable as your own rooms on the ship.


On our Mekong Vietnamese river cruise ship, we have created an outdoor experience for guests that rivals even lounges and pool decks on land. Enjoy panoramic views of the untouched landscape, sleek designed spaces and all-hands-on-deck service.




Be A Part Of A Different Travel Experience

Travel differently on an Aqua Expeditions Mekong River cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam.

As part of your travel experience, you will have exclusive access to:


  • An updated, modern room with windows that span the entire height of the walls; we did away with the traditional, closed in rooms common on cruise ships to bring the outdoors as close to you as possible
  • A team of staff with their full attention on you; our 1:1 ratio means any question, concern or assistance you need, there is someone for you. Our staff even takes the time to get to know your name.
  • The most high-quality, luxurious decor and furniture of any similar cruise ship.
  • A Michelin-star worthy dining experience; can you name another cruise line that can come even close to comparing?
  • A chance to see two countries in a unique and first-hand way; traveling through each country on the Mekong is the best, most efficient, way to see as much as you can during your time in Southeast Asia
  • All-inclusive services and enriching, exclusive adventures; private speedboats bring you to shallower areas that other boats cannot and our knowledgeable staff will ensure you take in as much of the culture and land possible.
  • A world-class cruise at a price that makes sense and has great value


No other Cambodia cruise offers you this level of customer satisfaction, contemporary accommodation and a chance to experience so much of the beauty of Southeast Asia.


Luxury Cruise Cabin - Aqua Expeditions


Book your adventure today for the Southeast Asian river cruise experience unlike any other!

o   Expedition Cruise – 7 Nights

o   Explorer Cruise – 4 Nights

o   Discover Cruise – 3 Nights