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  • Come to Peru and discover ancient Inca cultures at Machu Picchu.

  • Journey into the Amazon's jungle by canoe or skiff and discover a remote but fascinating ecosystem.

  • Join in the excitement of local festivals celebrating Peru's history, traditions and religious beliefs.

  • The pink dolphins of the Peruvian Amazon. A unique species in a unique place.

  • Be awed by giant lily pads which almost dare you to jump aboard.

  • Color is everywhere in Perus Amazon. Don't forget to bring a telephoto lens for your camera!

  • Ever wonder how a three-toed sloth maneuvers between tree trunks with baby in tow?

  • You can get "up close and personal" with a night monkey - even during the day!

  • The Mirrored Forest holds magic and mystery for all visitors.

  • Listen to howler monkeys call to each other from the treetops...

  • Birders beware! Peru is home to thousands of species of exotic and beautiful birds. Bring your bird list!

  • Dawn on the Amazon River in Peru will simply take your breath away.

Peru & The Amazon

In 2007, Aqua Expeditions established itself as a global leader in small ship luxury cruising by bringing international luxury and local knowledge to the previously little explored Peruvian stretch of the Amazon River, with the launch of the  Aria Amazon luxury cruise ship, which set sail in 2011.

Our nature-based luxury cruise down the Amazon River offers uniquely “up close” journeys, surrounding you with exotic wildlife and the natural beauty of Amazonia, while also allowing guests to experience Peru at a leisurely pace and get to know first-hand, one of the most culturally and environmentally diverse countries on earth.

Located in the northwest of South America, Peru is a treasure trove rich with history and culture across its captivating landscape. The Amazon rain forest comprises almost 60% of its national territory, yet Peru also encompasses the majestic Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, which was the largest state in pre-Columbian America, the vast Pampa Colorada with its mysterious Nazca Lines, the towering canyons of the Colca River near Arequipa and Lake Titicaca, where natives still live on floating islands made of reeds.

In Peru, miles of Pacific beaches meet vast desert areas and the towering Andes Mountains, where lush green cloud forests are home to an abundance of wildlife distinct from that of the Amazon.

Peru is a country of 28 million people. Most speaking Spanish, one of the many legacies brought to the Americas by Old World explorers like Christopher Columbus, yet many Peruvians still speak Quechua, the language of our native Inca ancestors.

The landscape is dotted with rural haciendas and elegant churches built by the Spaniards, who conquered this rugged land of mountains, rivers and valleys in the 16th century. This is a land of small villages and outdoor markets, where indigenous women gather in their rainbow-colored clothing topped by dark felt bowler hats to trade Peru’s vast array of potatoes for juicy corn.

Peru is also the stylish capital city of Lima, a gourmand’s destination for innovative gastronomy and the cultural center of the country. A visit to Lima would not be complete without exploring the cultural center opened by internationally renowned photographer Mario Testino, best known for his iconic image of Princess Diana, vividly connects his high fashion photography to the indigenous cultures of his tradition rich homeland.

Cruise to Peru with the experts in Amazon River travel

It is hard to explore the Amazon, both the river and the lush jungle rainforest that flanks it, without an expert guide that can help you safely navigate the intricacies of the wildlife. No other cruise line not only provides expert naturalists to lead you on such excursions but also carefully designs trips off-ship based on the time of year, the season of water in the river and current wildlife habits.

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