• Begin your journey on a remote section of the Amazon few have seen.

  • Our comfortable design suites offer every luxury deep in the Amazon jungle.

  • Wake up to wildlife streaming past your suite's floor to ceiling windows.

  • Venture deep into the Amazon jungle to learn about ber wildlife habitats and ecosystems.

  • Learn fascinating facts about Amazon animals and plant life from our experienced guides.

  • Birding enthusiasts will welcome capturing Peruvian birds on film and listening to their bird calls.

  • Delight in Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's 5-star cuisine.

  • Napo-de-Bernegena...oh my!

  • Milhojas de Pina, a dessert you will not soon forget!

  • Bring extra camera batteries. You won't want to miss catching every amazing shot!

  • Join our wildlife conservation projects with the Manatees and Taricaya turtles.

  • Catch a glimpse of a local skiff filled with today's fresh catch - piranhas!

  • Relax and enjoy a Camu Camu Sour outside on the observation deck.

  • Cap off your day with spectacular views of the Amazon at sunset.

Aria Amazon River Cruises

Aqua Expeditions launched the first Amazon River cruise on the Peruvian section of this iconic river in 2007. Due to the extraordinary success of these unique journeys into the jungles of Amazonia, the company added a second luxury vessel, the Aria Amazon in 2011. With 7 night4 night and 3 night cruises on the Aria Amazon, guests travel far into the depths of the Amazon’s rainforests enjoying an intimate glimpse of her wildlife, ecosystems, local customs and marine and jungle landscapes. Listen to the many species of Peruvian birds, as they call their mates through the leafy canopy. Learn about the habitats essential to the livelihoods of the endangered Amazon River dolphins, taricaya turtles and manatee. Photograph a three toed sloth as he peers down at you while dangling from a nearby branch.

cruise on the Aria Amazon offers guests the comfort and elegance of a custom-designed ship and the highest levels of guest service possible with a 1:1 guest to staff ratio. The Aria Amazon was designed by leading Peruvian architect Jordi Puig and measures 45 meters (147 feet). Spacious and indulgent, yet private enough to feel entirely exclusive, the Aria Amazon includes generous lounging and dining areas, and can accommodate a maximum of 32 guests plus crew including our onboard paramedic. Aqua Expeditions’ highly experienced river pilots and the most rigorous cruise ship standards ensure smooth travel and safety on the water.

Generous picture windows face the Amazon River (with blackout windows for maximum privacy) in each of the Aria Amazon’s 16 cruise ship Design Suites. Handsomely decorated with natural fibers and neutral hues, these air-conditioned accommodations with en suite sitting areas and stone bathrooms each measure between 23 square meters (250 square feet).

Embark on a luxury Amazon River cruise you won’t soon forget

No matter what season or your duration of time on board, each and every Aqua cruise is an unforgettable one. From the luxury design and amenities on board to the unique and colorful flora and fauna that surround you with every moment, Aqua ensures your Amazon River cruise will leave a lasting impression.

Amazon River cruises to excite all ages

One of the best features of all Aqua Amazon River Cruises is their appeal to all ages and demographics. Suites are private and luxurious enough to accommodate couples for a romantic holiday or can be expanded into adjoining suites with an attached living area for groups or families traveling together.

Both kids and adults will marvel at the chance to view rare pink river dolphins, a staple of each cruise, no matter which season you embark on. All ages will enjoy panoramic views of the mighty Amazon Rainforest from the observation deck, and our 5-star Peruvian Cuisine by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will entice even the pickiest palates. No one goes unsatisfied on an Aqua Aria Amazon River Cruise.

Carefully curated Amazon cruises

Each Aqua cruise path is expertly calculated around the time of year and level of the river, among other factors. This ensures that, more so than any other Amazon cruises, you are getting the most ideal and customized cruise route, seeing the best aspects of the river for that season.

Even excursions are customized for the water level, weather predictions and specific desires of the guests on board. No detail is left unnoticed. Expert naturalists will guide you throughout the river on the excursions and excursion paths that they feel are best, optimizing your chances of seeing diverse and lively wildlife activity and flourishing plant life.

An Amazon River Cruise with Aqua Expeditions is not something you will soon forget.

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