Join Pedro Miguel Schiaffino On Board

2021 Aqua Nera departures with Consulting Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino

Pedro Schiaffino is chef/owner of Malabar and ÁmaZ, two of  Lima’s most cutting edge and innovative restaurants, and founder of catering company, Schiaffino Gastronomika. He is also part of the Executive Committee of the CIA’s Latin Cuisines Advisory Council.
Both of his restaurants, Malabar and ÁmaZ, were chosen among ‘Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants’ in 2017 and 2018.
Schiaffino’s cuisine fuses Peruvian ingredients with traditional techniques – he is particularly known for his interest in local ingredients and their source, beginning with the cultivation and preservation of native ingredients through to the creation of the dishes that are offered in all his restaurants.


Chef-hosted departures with Pedro Miguel Schiaffino are available for booking now, with limited spaces.

2021 Departures

June 12 to June 19, 2021
Iquitos (IQT)
Journey aboard the Aqua Nera

June 15 to June 19, 2021
Iquitos (IQT)
Journey aboard the Aqua Nera

June 12 to June 15, 2021
Iquitos (IQT)
Journey aboard the Aqua Nera

These limited-edition 2021 Chef-hosted departures will offer an abundance of unique opportunities for our guests aboard the Aqua Nera:


  • Customized Market Tours: Travel with our Chef to local markets to learn about locally grown and harvested ingredients – so essential to the freshness of our dishes.
  • Master Cooking Class: Attend a cooking class or a kitchen tour hosted by our Chef as he walks you through his secrets of recipe planning, preparation and execution.
  • Interactive Q&A with the Chef: Find out how the dynamic international food scene is transforming the way our Chef designs his latest visions of culinary creativity.


Sample signature dishes created by Pedro Miquel include:


Watch our Chef in action:

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