What Our Guests Say They Are Celebrating

Aim high. Strive for improvement. Always be fully accountable. These are targets the team at Aqua Expeditions believes in and lives by. We are a company which takes guest satisfaction very seriously and deeply  value the continuous feedback we receive from our guests through our guest surveys, in comments they deliver to us in person while on our cruises and in the testimonials we receive via postcards and emails they send us after they return home.

We know our guests are our best ambassadors and hope that you haven’t missed reading our latest guest comments.  And, if you’ve traveled with us, we hope you’ll send us your own review!

One of the ways we measure guest satisfaction every year is our “net promoter score” (NPS). Simply put, this value is calculated based on a 10 point scale of responses to a simple question “how likely is it that you would recommend Aqua Expeditions to a friend or colleague?” Promoters (“very likely to recommend” based on a rating of 9 or 10) are netted against Detractors (scores of 6 and below) to calculate the NPS for a company/brand. NPS by industry category show a wide variety of averages.


Here are our scores by cruise ship for the Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon since 2011 when we first started tracking this variable:

NPS Matrix Aqua Expeditions

Our Net Promoter Score at Aqua Expeditions has been increasing year-over-year for both ships as we continue to make upgrades to our on and off board guest experience.

CruiseWatch compares NPS scores for many cruiselines and reports the highest NPS values for cruises they track are 35% to 81%.  We’re thrilled to be at 86% in 2014 and look forward to reporting soon on the NPS scores for the Aqua Mekong.